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Metal ceilings may be perforated for either architectural or technical reasons.

durlum metal ceilings can be supplied with various perforations. Special perforations are also possible. The number of perforation patterns grows continually. They may also be adapted to suit other working widths.

Perforated metal ceilings can be clad with durlum acoustic felt. The use of other absorption materials is also possible, e.g. mineral wool, plastic foams etc.

The standard perforations are RG-L08 "Pico Point", RG-L15, RG-L29, RV-L6 and RD-L30. All other perforations entail additional cost.

Please note that, with very small hole diameters < 2 mm (L3), and a very small amount of residual material, or large open areas, Moiré effects may occur, which are visible as light/dark shading.

The following perforations are not suitable for fire-protection ceilings: L19d, L17, L24, L11, L20 and L12. All other perforations are harmonised with our test certificates. For other perforations, testing is required in each case.

Detailed views

Rg (circular holes in straight rows)
Rv (circular holes in offset rows - 60°)
Rd (circular holes in diagonally offset rows- 45°)
Qg (square holes in straight rows)
Lg (Slot perforation straight)
Lv (Slot perforation staggered)
Perforation for speaker
Perforation for ventilation plate
Download all views of perforations