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Degrees of protection
The degree of protection designation for electrical equipment or light units indicates to what extent such equipment is protected against the entry of foreign bodies, contact with live parts, and also against the ingress of water.

Degrees of protection
IP degrees of protection to IEC Standard 529. The degree of protection is indicated by the letters IP followed by a 2-figure number.

1st. figure [protection against solid foreign objects and contact]
0 unprotected
1 Foreign objects > 50mm
2 Foreign objects > 12mm
3 Foreign objects > 2,5mm
4 Foreign objects > 1mm
5 Dust-protected
6 Dust-tight

2nd. figure [protection against the entry of moisture]
0 unprotected
1 Protected against vertically falling water drops
2 Protected against water drops with the housing
tilted at 15°
3 Protected against water drops with the housing
tilted at 60°
4 Protected against splashing
5 Protected against water jets
6 Protected against powerful water jets
7 Protected against temporary immersion
8 Protected against continuous immersion down
to ... metres

Protection classes
The protective measures incorporated in our light units against excessive contact voltage comply with Protection Class I. Class I light units are intended to be connected to a protective ground. The connections for the protective ground are marked with the ground (earth) symbol.
For Protection Class II [identification ] light units, the live parts have additional protective insulation.
They must never be connected to a protective ground.

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